Olga Anastasiadou - Painter

Olga Anastasiadou is a Greek fine artist and member of the 'Institut Européen de l'Aquarelle' since 1988. Olga completed her studies in Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich from 1973 to1978 and she returned to Greece in 1978 where she currently lives and works.


Since 1978, Olga has organised and participated in many individual but also group exhibitions, which took place in Greece and in international venues (please see bellow for a full list). A great moment in her career was when in 1994, Olga was asked by the European Union to exhibit her work as part of the closing ceremony for the Greek Presidency of the Council.


Olga's trademark is her watercolour paintings; her art work is mainly inspired by the beauty of the country of Greece, inspired by tradition, the fantastic landscapes, the rural beauty, enriched by the sunlight and the magical colours. Her landscapes, always created in situ, go beyond a photorealistic representation and provide artistic creations, described by a skilful use of colour and design, interpreted by the artist's personal artistic expression. The use of colour, light, shade and space, form a unified environment which harmonically work together to produce an impressive result.


Olga's work does not only focus on landscapes, she has exhibited her work with the theme 'Birds of our country' in the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens, which was once again inspired by her Greek origins. Nevertheless, Olga has also engaged in many other creative activities, such as book illustrations, posters and public art. Currently, Olga continues to work as a freelance artist, but also teaches fine art to a college level