Galerie Zegos, Athens, Octomber 1979.

Galerie Zegos, Athens, December 1980,

Galerie Kochlias, Thessaloniki, January 1982.

HR – Galerie , Zurich, November 1983.

Art Gallery, Heraklion-Crete, March 1985.

Galerie Panselinos, Thes / niki, November 1985.

British Counsil, Thes / niki 1987,

Galerie Eirmos, Thes / niki February 1990,

British Counsil, Thes / niki February 1992,

Jean Monnet, Building of European Union, Luxembourg, June 1994.

Institut Francais, Thes / niki December 1995.

Galerie Aenaon, June 2000,

City Hall Posidonia Syros, July 2003.

Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki / Win, Demetria, October 2005

Old Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, April 2009

Marble Crafts Museum, Tower of Tinos, June 2009

Museum of the Olive, Sparta, August 2009

Archaeological Museum of Florina, October 2009

Water Power Museum, Dimitsana, February-June 2011

Museum of Ancient Olympia, Olympia, July-September 2011

National Archaeological Museum, Athens, September-November 2012



Galerie Zegos, December 1980.

Galerie Kohlias, Thes / niki, December 1982.

Spiritual Center Ora, December 1982.

Institut Europeen D 'Aquarelle, Verona, June 1988.

Salon D 'Automne '88, Grand Palais, Paris, November 1988.

Salon D 'Enseble, The Hague, September 1989.

Salon D 'Enseble, Galerie Nuance, Brussels, October 1989.

Salon D 'Enseble, Antwerp, November 1989.

Galerie A Janela Verde, Lisbon, October 1994.